I first opened my eyes in 1994, and was given the name Ingvild Mølmann Kåråsen. My parents were always committed to teach me the difficult topic that is life, and did it well. I live as I was raised; 1. To inspire and be inspired. 2. To learn, see, smell as much as possible of our wonderful globe while I still wander here. I share my green lifestyle with a miniature pinscher, and life treats me pretty well.

Personally I love coffee, the moon, red wine, personal style, culture, the Golden Rule, literature, fresh rainy air and controversial brainstorming. I´m inspired by people that when others ask ”why?” rather asks ”why not?”.


What would become of me was written in the stars, I guess. My dad gave me my first web course as a toddler, and when I was nine, I developed my first css based design. Stand alone codes was pretty limited at the time, and my creative heart was restless – I wanted to create. In 2005 my family bought a SLR camera, and I found what was missing. Since then, I´ve spent countless hours absorbing as much knowledge as possible on the fields I fell in love with.

Practice makes perfect: My illustrations got both more esthetic, my designs more functional, my photographies sharper, more creative. My projects evolved to become what is now the universe I live in, and do for a living: Creatingwild.


Art exists to cause a reaction: It can be beautiful, melancholic, nostalgic, maybe even provocative. It needs to tell a story, and highlight what it represents. It is necessarily relevant but still original. All these factors is what every single project is based on.

At Creatingwild, you will find a great variety of photography and graphic design, on platforms that promotes me and other creative souls worldwide. Read more about what I can offer you or your firm at "products", take a look at my work in my portfolio, or simply navigate through the universe that is Creatingwild to feed your creative soul.